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Hello, World.

Implementing an interactive web portfolio.

Cydney Vicentina

Creative Ideation

Responsive Design

Fully-functioning Code

My goal was to base this portfolio off old, 90’s Microsoft web interfaces since that was my first experience with computers.

The juxtaposition should convey the same mix of traditional and contemporary elements of my personality and interests (sudoku and crosswords vs. escape rooms and photography).

Feel free to play around below or on the live website.

But, if you want to hear about the process, then keep reading.

Ah! You're still here! Well, let me tell you about the grueling process to get this website working.

But first, let's talk design.

My initial idea was actually to create an escape-room themed portfolio. In my head, you would be able to solve clues in order to unlock different product pages.

But, ain't nobody got the time for that. And it didn't even look good.

An initial design test

I know that nowadays, the minimalist look is super popular. But, that's not what I grew up on.

This cluttered and compacted style is what I have known for so long and it became my inspiration for this design.

The final design prototype created through Figma

Now, let's talk code.

My background is actually in R. The world of HTML and CSS was pretty new to me.

So, I dove right in.

It would be kind of a bore to walk you through all the code. But, if you feel so inclined, you can read through it on my Github.

The animated sprite was one of my favorite parts and I even made a tutorial for it. The character was generated using an online sprite sheet maker and brought to life using CSS cropping and translations.

Finally, let's talk details.

There are a few Easter eggs hidden within this design.

I actually designed all of the folder icons. Each individual pixel was placed by yours truly.

The link I use actually lands people on a sign in page. For me, this really sells the 'vintage Microsoft' look.

Another interaction occurs when you click on the sprite version of me. 

Now that you've read all about the website, feel free to go check the live site out in all it's glory!

Check Out The Live Site!
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