The Clemente Museum

MHCI Capstone Project 2021

Bringing Roberto Clemente to the 21st Century.

By: The 21st

Inspiring the next generation of athletes, siblings, parents, and leaders.

Cydney Vicentina

Kraig Fujii

Kyra Low

Janice Lyu

Tam Nguyen


For eight months, I pushed the team in my role as Project Manager and UX Designer.

our goal

Spread the legacy of late baseball player, Roberto Clemente.

Help the museum enter the 21st Century.


This capstone project was completed as part of the MHCI program at Carnegie Mellon University.

The Man

Roberto Clemente was a famous Puerto Rican baseball player who played for the Pittsburgh Pirates from 1954 to 1972.

His legacy is seen in the jerseys, photos, and memories embedded in history.

The Brief

1. Share Clemente’s legacy, beyond baseball
2. Inspire a broader and younger audience
3. Use emerging technology

What We Needed To Find Out

What is the ideal museum experience for young adults?

We turned to Minecraft, the fastest prototyping tool out there. No, really.

What did we learn? Well, a few things.

Social norms and habits of the real world, the rules, are extended into virtual spaces.

People don’t think they can touch things in a virtual, museum-like experience.

They think "look, don't touch".

So, we gave the user more agency.

Instead of calling it a museum with artifacts, we changed the game through our first prototype.

We encouraged exploration and took away the fear of 'breaking' exhibits.

What stories resonate with Clemente Museum goers?

Latin communities see their culture represented in Clemente's story.

Baseball lovers see a star athlete they can copy.

Husbands and fathers see a role model.

So, we captured these themes by connecting artifacts.

Our second prototype was a choose-your-own adventure that led you down the rabbit hole of Clemente memorabilia.

We put cohesion and the user's interests at the forefront of this design.

The most important question: what did users like better?

Users liked roaming through different eras and locations.

They also liked customizing their experience.

We took the pros of both and combined them into one working prototype. Stay tuned to see what it looks like!

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