Sleep In Mode

Wake up with the sun on your own terms.

Use our app to schedule your smart windows to tint at night and clear when you want to wake up.

To protect View's intellectual property, I have omitted any confidential information. All resources in this case study are my own, have been made public, and/or do not necessarily reflect the values of View, Inc.


A Bright Opportunity

View Inc.'s smart windows promote comfort and wellbeing by going from clear to tinted (and vice versa).

Apartment residents were creating daily schedules to sleep and wake up.

What should be as simple as toggling on your phone alarm was neither intuitive or invisible on our app.


Scheduled Time

Before designing, we needed to understand how and why people were using schedules.

Simplified Process Pipeline

This came about by conversations with apartment residents with our smart glass as well as our customer support managers in the field.

A Seattle apartment event to launch Sleep In Mode

Sleep On It

I dived right into sketching and wireframing potential solutions in order to meet our development deadline of 3 months.

Initial home screens and proposed IA structure

There were a few key interactions (add, edit, delete) and pieces of information we prioritized (tech explanation, tomorrow's schedule, location).



Here are the card components after several rounds of iteration.


Rise and Shine

Sleep In Mode allows residents to block out unwanted light pollution and gently wake up to the sun, even if you work the night shift.

Try out this simplified version of Sleep In Mode!

Try out this simplified version of Sleep In Mode!

You'll notice multiple navigation routes, a consistent color scheme, and sectioning and font styles to add hierarchy to the flow.

And just when we were ready to start development, our engineering director mentioned an older version of the mobile app that certain apartments still employed.

Sleep In Mode on an older version of the View Wellness App

This involved product management, design, and engineering to successfully finalize Sleep In Mode for all our occupants.


Brighter Days, Better Nights

I am so grateful to have been part of an amazing team who brought this project to life, let alone being the lead designer on a big splash feature.

The word that comes to mind when I think of sleep in mode is collaboration.

Me with members of the software development team

This project challenged my ability to work efficiently, try many things quickly and really listen to our users to make something beautiful and useful.

Here's to deeper sleep and more productive mornings for all residents with View glass!

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