GVC Advisory

Financial services, made modern and fun.

An HTML, CSS, and Javascript project to promote a local business.


A Business As Old As Time

GVC Advisory Services Ltd., previously GVC Financial, had a website.

Below is an overview of the design audit I performed before embarking on this three-month-long coding project.

GVC Financial - Home Page

Not only was the user experience muddied and hidden behind walls of text, but it was also ugly and difficult to navigate.

GVC Financial - Corporate Services Page


Time = Money

My goal was to redesign the look, feel, and flow of the website while keeping most of the content intact, given it was up-to-date and accurate.

An initial design draft

While this modular design was a viable option, the owners and I agreed that it was still unclear what the user should interact with first.


New and improved

After several more design reviews with my client, the final website looks sleek yet professional with an easy tab structure for new users to navigate.

GVC Advisory - New Home Page

You can view the information on your preferred web platform.

GVC Advisory - Tablet Breakpoint

Curated visuals break up the lengthy threads of text while adding vibrancy and excitement.

GVC Advisory - Corporate Services

Several points of interaction complete the project: scrolling animations, a contact form, and intuitive buttons.

Try Me

Introducing: gvcadvisoryltd.com

Try out this simplified version of the GVC Advisory website!

Try out this simplified version of the GVC Advisory website!

Or if you prefer, you can visit the live website here.

This website was published using IONOS Deploy Now paired with a GitHub project.


Code Green: I Still Got It

Although I am a UI/UX designer, I constantly recognize the importance of knowing how to code (even if it's basic).

This helps me work well with actual software developers and gives me a better understanding of design and timing constraints.

Me with two of my clients in Las Vegas

If you're wondering what the owners thought of the website:

Wow! I will review later in more detail but, first impression is Wow.

Wow and Wow so far.
Stay Awhile:
Cydney Vicentina

谢谢你。Salamat po. 🙌🏼.